Ajax the Vizsla part 2

Posted in Dogs, Uncategorized, Vizsla by Tony C on January 22, 2007

Even more cuteHere is Ajax again now just over two weeks old and the little fella has doubled in size.  His eyes are now open and he can toddle around but is still a little unsure on his feet, also surprisingly at this age the pups can even approximate something like a bark.  His blue eyes will unfortunately change to brown as he gets older as everything blends into one ginger gundog.  

Ajax as it turns out is one lucky chap.  When the litter was born seven of the eight pups appeared as expected but one one stuck and was thought to be still born, however the vet could detect a heartbeat and so number eight was born by caesarean and fighting fit.  Number eight is in fact Ajax and despite his late start is 2nd largest of the litter and already has the nickname ‘8 Ball’. 

In two weeks time we’ll take Izzy the Vizsla to meet him.

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