UFO reboot

Posted in Movies, reboot, TV, UFO by Tony C on January 15, 2011

UFO preview movie poster

After the debacle that was Jonathon Frakes’ remake of Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson called it "…the biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my life”, it is with some trepidation that I notice that Hollywood, currently in a frenzy to reboot anything they can lay their hands on, apparently have UFO in preproduction.  Rumour has it they are aiming more for BSG than Spy Kids because unlike Frakes who confessed to having never seen an episode of Thunderbirds, Matthew Gratzner has from what I can see been saying all the right things, "There’s a reason UFO has a following, there’s a reason that Gerry Anderson has a following, and for us to overlook that or take that for granted would be foolish."  And based on how good the Moonbase Interceptor looks on the preview poster, not I grant much to base an opinion on, it surely can’t be worse than the remake of Thunderbirds.  I shall be watching this one closely.



If you don’t remember the original series here’s the brilliant opening sequence in HD

Spiderman 3

Posted in Movies, Spiderman by Tony C on May 26, 2007

Went to see the last installment of the Spiderman trilogy last night and came away thinking that there was a good movie in there, if only the editor’s red pen had been allowed to cut some the flab away from the overloaded script.  It’s not quite the mess that X-Men 3 was but suffers from the the same key problems.  As it is the third and final installment how do you tie up all the loose ends and cram in all the cool villains you missed in the first two movies?  Now because superhero three movie deals don’t begin with the end in mind it means number three has more weight placed upon it than normal plus the franchise has to go out with a bang.

It got off to a good start, lost it’s way in the middle and did finished well, apart from the tacked on two minute scene that has pre release audience feedback written all over it.  Better that the makers have the courage of their convictions and stop these pre screening, focus group nonsense.  The same thing gave Americans the Ford Edsel.  The flab is obvious and there are probably thirty minutes of pointless bits, you’ll know which ones as they really jar, which should have ended up on the cutting room floor if such a thing still existed.

That’s not to say Spiderman 3 isn’t a watchable movie , the CGI is top notch with the webbed wonder having real weight in his aerial antics.  Venom and the Sandman both make for interesting villains and Toby Maguire is still a genius piece of casting as Peter Parker.

After seeing this and hearing the not so good review of Pirates 3, I wonder if it’s worth the almost three hours it’ll take to sit through?

Kiss My Wookie!

Posted in Movies, Star Wars, Wikis by Tony C on March 10, 2007

Go on give him a snog...As a Star Wars geek concerning Lucas’ first three movies Wookiepedia is a godsend, no more will I get into arguments with mates over the name of the pilot who found Han and Luke at the beginning of ‘Empire’.  The only down side of course is that it also covers the cinematic abominations he subsequently made but Star Wars is a bit like that for me nowadays,  if I’m forced to look at the series of movies as a single piece of work it’s either half good or half shit.

But as it’s a Wiki I could edit out the nightmare that was Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  In fact Jar Jar Binks would be first and when I’m finally done with Mannequin Skywalker and all the other rubbish I could deal with the only flaw in the original trilogy….those bloody Ewoks.

King Too Long Kong

Posted in Movies by Tony C on January 17, 2007

Way too long!Me and Mrs C were probably the only two people not to have seen Peter Jackson’s King Kong either at the cinema or on rental.  With Mrs C taking out a sub with LoveFilm that has now been rectified and I ejected it from the drive last night a little disappointed despite the glowing reviews.  Firstly it’s over long, a hang over from Lord of the Rings maybe, but even in the comfort of my own home I was getting the fidgets and I can think of two or three set pieces that should have ended up on the cutting room floor.  The pointless Brontosaurus (or should that be Aptosaurus) stampede and the giant insect attack, even the Tyrannosaurus sequence could have done without the daft bit with the vines.

Don’t get me wrong there is a great movie in there it just needed to lose a bit of weight.  It’s a bit like me in that respect.