A rough guide to the History of the Royal Navy

Posted in BTHP, podcast, Royal Navy by Tony C on December 24, 2010

Royal Navy

I’ve recently posted the last podcast looking at the History of the Royal Navy.  The nine episodes start about the time Alfred had longboats built to see off the Vikings until the present day.

History podcast update

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast by Tony C on June 3, 2010

HMS Victory at Trafalgar by Turner.  The painting can seen at The National Maritime Museum.If you don’t ready know my the history podcast has a new episode.  It’s the biggest one so far at one hour and twenty seven minutes.  It can be found here, here or here and of course iTunes.  Looks like iTunes thinks it’s ‘hot’ again too.

History podcast has a new website

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast by Tony C on January 15, 2010

BTHP logo v0.2

My history podcast now has an proper website and domain and it’s only take me two years to get around to it.  You can’t rush these things after all.

Sandwiched between Jupitus and Day

Posted in BTHP, iTunes, podcast by Tony C on January 13, 2009


The podcast has found it’s way onto the ‘Podcasts’ front page on iTunes.  I’m still stunned that so many people enjoy BTHP and my continued thanks to anyone who listens.

BTHP gets featured on iTunes

Posted in BTHP, iTunes, podcast by Tony C on June 25, 2008

I’m not sure how it happened or even if it actually means anything but my modest history podcast is now a ‘Featured’ podcast on the US iTunes site.  Trying to find how how iTunes works out it’s listings is akin to unpicking the Da Vinci Code, oh hang no that’s not true as the Da Vinci Code was a doddle, anyhow Apple aren’t telling but I bet a sizeable chunk of it is good old human interaction particularly for the ‘Featured’ lists.  Someone at Apple iTunes seems to like me.  And look I’m on the same page as Melvin Bragg and Dan Carlin…I am humbled indeed.

The podcast gets a review and a ‘big up’

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast, review by Tony C on February 25, 2008

I never thought for a moment that the Binge Thinking History Podcast would have taken off quite as well as it has.  OK…it’s not getting monster downloads like my mate Pete Cogle does with his fantastic Dub Zone, but for a history podcast it holds it’s own and bubbles under or on occasion breaks into the top 20 or 25 on iTunes both in the US and UK. 

Now it gets it’s first, or that may be second review by history blogger and podcast reviewer Anne Frid De Vries

And a must listen from Dan Brown.  Surely not that Dan Brown.

BTHP Episode 6

Posted in Battle of Britain, BTHP, podcast by Tony C on February 18, 2008

The next episode of Binge Thinking History is up and posted.  It’s the 2nd part of my look at the Battle of Britain and as I’m finding out it’s going to take a few more episodes than a thought to cover the subject as there is so much more to the story of the summer of 1940 over Southern England.  And Aldertag or Eagle Day hasn’t even happened yet.