Ajax and Izzy

Posted in Dogs, Richmond Park, Vizsla by Tony C on January 24, 2008

The Vizslas check out the local wildlife in Richmond Park.  Izzy (on the right) is almost five and Ajax is now over a year old.


More Vizsla stuff

Posted in Ajax, Dogs, Vizsla by Tony C on April 5, 2007

Here’s a few more pictures of Ajax as he now approaches 14 weeks old.  It looks as if he is going to be not only a handsome fella when he grows up but also pretty big.  Izzy is very tolerant of him as he tries to get her to play although when asleep she gets a bit miffed if tries to wake her up.  Of course she still looks fantastic.

Ajax….serious face

Posted in Ajax, Dogs, Puppies, Vizsla by Tony C on March 3, 2007

It’s amazing what has happened in just a week.  Ajax has gone from a tiny wrinkle monster to a rather more serious chap.

Serious face

I've got my eye on you

Still cute

Ajax Arrives

Posted in Ajax, Dogs, Puppies, Vizsla by Tony C on February 26, 2007

Ajax the Hungarian Vizsla finally came home with us on Saturday and as these pictures show he redefines cute.  He is a confident little fella, almost too confident as Izzy isn’t a big fan as yet as he wants to climb into her bed and steal her food…so she is justifiably grumpy.  However dogs are pragmatists and there’ll at least be some kind of quorum in the next few weeks, besides as he get bigger he’ll start understand canine politics.

Cute, cute, cute

Best not to annoy Izzy

Ajax…the countdown begins

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We went to see Ajax for the last time before he moves to Kingston with us and he has grown a fair bit since we last saw him, in fact all his litter mates are now up and causing chaos.  We took Izzy to meet her new house mate, she sniffed him a bit and then pretty much ignored the fella and the rest of the puppies, but I don’t suppose for the moment she had any idea that he’ll be her house mate in three weeks.  I’ve added a few pictures here so you can see how great they all are, I’d have taken more but for the battery on the camera running out of juice and me cursing Canon for not having a level indicator on the Ixus 800.

Feeding time


Little sister

Izzy the Vizsla

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As we’re on the subject of Vizslas I thought I’d post a picture of young Izzy.  For some reason I can’t quite fathom she is camera shy and will always walk in the other direction if one is pointed in her general direct so it’s a rare privilege to get a shot this close.  Normally it’s down the end of a 300mm lens.

Ajax the Vizsla part 2

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Even more cuteHere is Ajax again now just over two weeks old and the little fella has doubled in size.  His eyes are now open and he can toddle around but is still a little unsure on his feet, also surprisingly at this age the pups can even approximate something like a bark.  His blue eyes will unfortunately change to brown as he gets older as everything blends into one ginger gundog.  

Ajax as it turns out is one lucky chap.  When the litter was born seven of the eight pups appeared as expected but one one stuck and was thought to be still born, however the vet could detect a heartbeat and so number eight was born by caesarean and fighting fit.  Number eight is in fact Ajax and despite his late start is 2nd largest of the litter and already has the nickname ‘8 Ball’. 

In two weeks time we’ll take Izzy the Vizsla to meet him.

Say hello to Ajax

Posted in Dogs, Vizsla by Tony C on January 7, 2007

How cute?This is a picture of Ajax I took this afternoon.  He is only 2 days old in this picture and is already giving Karen a cuddle.  Ajax and all his litter mates are doing well and actually are big for their age at over 12oz in old money.  As they were so big Leksi the mother had a tough time of it but has pulled though and you’d never know any thing untoward happened.  He is still a little small to come home yet but we expect him to find his way to Kingston with us on the 24th of Feb.  Karen can’t wait.

Hungarian Vizsla number two

Posted in Dogs, Vizsla by Tony C on January 5, 2007

Pround mumWe found this afternoon that we need to make some space for another dog.  We’ve been promising a friend for Izzy for some time and the litter was born this morning.  This time we’re getting a boy who will go by the name of Ajax but as he is less than 24 hours old I’m not sure he’ll respond to that yet.  Karen is beside herself with excitement and can hardly wait until he comes to live with us in about eight weeks time, Izzy on the other hand doesn’t understand that a ginger tornado is about to descend on her.