Edmund Burke

Posted in History, philosophy by Tony C on June 4, 2010

NPG 655, Edmund BurkeFellow ‘Softie and BPOS aficionado Matt Rutherford’s blog post on a Friday regularly highlights a ‘hero’ who embodies a particular admirable human trait, definitely worth a look.  Matt’s reference aside the term ‘hero’ is as you’ll probably agree rather over these days, but it got me thinking that there are panoply of historical figures who at the very least deserve closer examination.  Right on queue In Our Time, Melvin Bragg’s brilliant weekly show on Radio 4, has a discussion about Edmund Burke the philosopher and political theorist.

He seems to me to be someone who was slightly out of step with much of the prevailing thinking in late 18th Century Britain and for that alone he’s worthy of our attention.

Maybe there’s a regular series here!


History podcast update

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast by Tony C on June 3, 2010

HMS Victory at Trafalgar by Turner.  The painting can seen at The National Maritime Museum.If you don’t ready know my the history podcast has a new episode.  It’s the biggest one so far at one hour and twenty seven minutes.  It can be found here, here or here and of course iTunes.  Looks like iTunes thinks it’s ‘hot’ again too.

History podcast has a new website

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast by Tony C on January 15, 2010

BTHP logo v0.2

My history podcast now has an proper website and domain and it’s only take me two years to get around to it.  You can’t rush these things after all.

My history podcast gets to Number 3

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on December 13, 2008

The Binge Thinking History Podcast seems out of the blue to have risen up the charts on iTunes.  On the UK site under History (of course) it’s now No 3 keeping excellent with Melvyn Bragg, Matthew Parris and Neil Oliver.  Not sure how long this fame, if that what it is, will last but it’s nice to know people are listening and enjoying.

BTHP is back

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on June 14, 2008

Now my case of ‘podblock’ is gone I’ve posted the latest episode of the Binge Thinking History Podcast and…it gets a great review

The podcast gets a review and a ‘big up’

Posted in BTHP, History, podcast, review by Tony C on February 25, 2008

I never thought for a moment that the Binge Thinking History Podcast would have taken off quite as well as it has.  OK…it’s not getting monster downloads like my mate Pete Cogle does with his fantastic Dub Zone, but for a history podcast it holds it’s own and bubbles under or on occasion breaks into the top 20 or 25 on iTunes both in the US and UK. 

Now it gets it’s first, or that may be second review by history blogger and podcast reviewer Anne Frid De Vries

And a must listen from Dan Brown.  Surely not that Dan Brown.

Podcast Episode 5

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on January 23, 2008

The Binge Thinking History Podcast episode 5 is now up…and it’s the biggest so far at 51 mins. 

This one looks at the origins of the Battle of Britain.

I is with Podcast

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on October 10, 2007

Me Podcast

Finally I’ve got round to record and post my first ‘official’ podcast.  The details for downloading including the RSS feed are as follows:

The plan is to be up on iTunes as soon as I can.

Podcast Number 3

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on September 11, 2007

Podcast number 3 is complete and is the longest so far at 33 mins.  I think it’s probably the best sounding one too, I’ve managed to slow down a bit and played around with faux voices for the quotes etc.  I hope like it.

I’ve a huge amount about creating Podcasts in a very short space of time…

My 2nd Podcast

Posted in History, podcast by Tony C on August 19, 2007

This weekend saw Podcast number two issue forth from the modest studio called Bedroom 3.  My brain still works faster than my mouth and I’m not sure I build a completely convincing story but there is still part three.