DIY blues…

Posted in DIY, Gits by Tony C on May 22, 2007

The house I live in was built in 1896, it’s got bags of character, an interesting history and has suffered from many years of bodged DIY.  The previous owners but one are the key guilty parties who’s hamfisted attempts to update the house would shame the most inept monkey with a paintbrush and a screw driver.

Take the spotlights now properly installed as you can see below.  The originals were white, faded and in many cases glued in with plaster as they hadn’t been fitted correctly. 

I naively thought it would simply be a case of pulling out the old ones, rewiring and fitting the shiny new chrome models.  Stupid me.  When I took the old ones out due to the clumsy gluing lots of ceiling and plaster came with them, leaving holes in one case the size of a football.

Once the swearing had stopped…say after about an hour I had to work out how to fix the new ones and patch the ceiling.  The general patching was pretty straightforward but I wasn’t confident that I could cut a reliable new hole for the spot in the plaster patch.  But I tried something I’d done on another standard light fitting by cutting an MDF ring with a 100mm and 80mm Holesaw and filled in the plaster around it.  This then gave me somewhere solid to attach spring clips too.  As you can see from the picture it worked a treat.

Now to fit some new skirting.  Wish me luck.

Do what?

Posted in Food, Gits by Tony C on November 20, 2006

Two food related items although not related as you’ll see, show all is not quite right in the world of ‘food’.

It's just not HPFirst up…HP Sauce.  I’ve always loved the stuff, on bacon butties, chips, sarnies of any description or as a condiment with an FEB.  The logo of the Palace of Westminster, the packaging all pointed at something quintessentially British but sadly not anymore.  In 2005 Heinz purchased HP foods from Danone (yes those of Bio Yogurt fame) and decided in the middle of this year to move production to Holland.  It’s a double tragedy as 125 people will lose their jobs as the Aston Factory closes and Heinz still want to use the imagery of the Houses of Parliament.  So they want to make out it’s full on British, especially as they’d just announced campaign to “Save the British Cafe” at the same time, but can’t be arsed to make it here.

Two prawns...bags all packed.Secondly Prawns.  What kind of mixed up mad world must we be in when it’s more cost effective to catch said prawns off the British Coast, ship them to Thailand for peeling and then bring them back to the UK. From what I can find further processing like bagging etc is done when the deshelled crustaceans clear UK Customs.  “The facility in Thailand has a long history in seafood processing and can undertake hand de-shelling for us to a very high standard” says Mike Mitchell, who wait for it…is Director of Scampi, no kidding.  So the ladies and gentlemen at your Annan plant don’t Mr Mitchell?  So remember the next time you tuck into a few prawns from Youngs it’s probably better travelled that you are.

Pain in the…

Posted in Gits by Tony C on November 9, 2006

Thanks to G for this gem.

Sometimes Darwinian selection is just too slow and people like to help it along.  Let’s hope he is never allowed to dilute the genepool…


Posted in Gits by Tony C on October 16, 2006

As I previously mentioned it’s impossible to avoid Kate Moss pushing some ‘brand’ or other, Top Shop seem to the latest to acquire her services but at least I can understand the appeal, limited that it is, of the future Mrs Doherty.  However by all that is holy can someone explain the fascination the Z list celebrity fodder mags have with Victoria Beckham, and who gave her the moniker ‘Style Queen’?  Surely someone was being deeply, deeply ironic??

For the betterment of society, for the souls of countless Heat/OK/Hello readers lets henceforth starve the size zero, silicon injected, vacuous, self promotion addict of the oxygen of publicity.   Maybe, just maybe the world will be a better, saner place.

I feel a whole let better now.