Star Wars might have been so different

Posted in movie, Star Wars by Tony C on August 31, 2008

It’s now impossible to imagine Star Wars without Ford, Hammill or Fisher in the leading roles but it might have very different.  Thanks to the Review section of the Observer this week pointing out what a huge treasure trove YouTube can be if you take to time to dig about, you can get a glimpse of what might have happened if Kurt Russell had gotten the part of Han Solo or if Sissy Spacek or Cindy Williams had been picked for Leia. 

It’s interesting hearing the scripts for the auditions too, I’m guessing they contained at least some of the early draft dialogue and it’s pure Lucas, much of which thankfully didn’t make to the final movie.

First up Kurt Russell.

Then Harrison Ford.

Then hear Ford again as he’s already part of the screen test for the others turning up to audition for Luke Skywalker.  Andrew Stevens as it happens has appeared in more movies, he’s also produced a ton of them too, than the famous trio put together and just in case you’re still not convinced things turned out well for him in the end he also has been married to both Stella Stevens and Kate Jackson.

Robby Benson?  Apparently he was a teen idol a long, long time ago. He still has great hair.

Then of course Mark Hammill.  There’s still the hammy dialogue to wade through and Ford must have done this scene a hundred times, no wonder he’s a miserable so and so when he’s interviewed.

If the names Laverne and Shirley ring any bells then you’ll know who Cindy Williams is and why she would have been a bizarre choice for Leia.

Carrie Fisher.  The metal bikini was yet to come.