Kiss My Wookie!

Posted in Movies, Star Wars, Wikis by Tony C on March 10, 2007

Go on give him a snog...As a Star Wars geek concerning Lucas’ first three movies Wookiepedia is a godsend, no more will I get into arguments with mates over the name of the pilot who found Han and Luke at the beginning of ‘Empire’.  The only down side of course is that it also covers the cinematic abominations he subsequently made but Star Wars is a bit like that for me nowadays,  if I’m forced to look at the series of movies as a single piece of work it’s either half good or half shit.

But as it’s a Wiki I could edit out the nightmare that was Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  In fact Jar Jar Binks would be first and when I’m finally done with Mannequin Skywalker and all the other rubbish I could deal with the only flaw in the original trilogy….those bloody Ewoks.