Posted in Wembley, Windows Mobile by Tony C on May 2, 2007

I had the good fortune to see the inside of the new Wembley stadium the other day as I was presenting with fellow ‘Softie Julian Datta at the DSGi Business Customer Expo.  It was great that the Wembley guys let us park our Windows Mobile Mini right out side the front door of the venue too as the attention if got was fantastic.

Julian and I did a series of presentation mashups, to use the vernacular, on Exchange, Unified Communications and Windows Mobile throughout the day and the guys downstairs on the booths were mobbed as people wanted to find out more about the latest releases, Windows Mobile 6 getting particular attention. 

My conclusion of Wembley as a building and I apply this to stadiums in general, or is that stadia, is that look good from two only perspectives, either from a long way away or when you’re inside.  Outside in the car park it’s a mess of glass, concrete and steel all fighting for attention but inside it is quite spectacular.

I couldn’t help feel that when the chap below finishes he’ll have to start all over again.