Transformers, rather good robots in disguise

Posted in Michael Bay, movie, Transformers by Tony C on February 16, 2008


You know when you sit down to watch a movie expecting it to be OK but it turns out to way, way, way better.  Well Transformers is precisely that.  Missed at the cinema because Mrs C wasn’t interested we decided to give it go via our free trial from LoveFilm.  Now the critics gave the movie a hard time, partly because the source material is hardly what you’d call Shakespeare and Michael Bay’s track record as a director is a how shall I put it? A bit mixed. But it’s as authentic a transition, nay transformation, from cartoon to live action as you’ll find.  The lad had to come good eventually.  I was genuinely surprised by how much fun the movie was, but not as surprised at Mrs C who has now transformed, god this is too easy, into  a huge Transformers fan, Bumblebee being the Autobot of choice.

If you park your preconceptions and break out the popcorn it’s loud, proud and really rather good.