Samsung Galaxy Tab: first impressions

Posted in Samsung, Tablet by Tony C on October 5, 2010

Not a picture of the one I played with.

The tablet market is beginning to heat up as the tech vendors offer alternatives to the iPad and I was lucky enough today to spend sometime with a pre production Samsung Galaxy Tab.  At first it seems that someone has simply shrunk an iPad and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I’ve always been impressed with how the iPad looks and feels.   The Android 2.2 (Froyo) UI also highlights that imitation is the the sincerest form of flattery but the hardware adds things the iPad misses including front and rear facing cameras and a MicroSD storage. 

All things being equal the key question is whether the seven inch screen is big enough.  For some it will, for others it won’t and this for me underlines what we always knew.  Choosing personal devices is just that…personal.  The only slightly worrying thing might be the price, I understand that it’ll weight in at a little over the £500 mark and that might be bit rich for some. 

Rumours, half truths and hype

Posted in Apple, Google, smartphone, Tablet by Tony C on January 4, 2010

apple-tablet-big_01 With Apple remaining typically tight lipped it hasn’t stopped t’internet getting into a frenzy of speculation and Chinese whispers over the iSlate/iTablet/iHalfwaybetweenaniPhoneandaMacbook.  Cupertino course loves it but what ever the eventual product looks like it will either delight or disappoint depending on your view of Apple’s walled garden.  That is of course if it exists at all.  Richi Jennings does a great round up of current comment and speculation.

Googletablet Google too are believed are getting in on the ‘tablet’ act using an HTC device unsurprisingly running Google’s upcoming Chrome OS as they too attempt to create a walled garden.   The Google approach is an interesting one as it appears benign to the open source crowd but will operate a Google ‘approved’ approach like Apple.  At least I suppose Apple are up front about it what is and isn’t verboten…well sort of.  Throw in the wonderfully named Nexus One Smartphone from Google, again using on an HTC device, to try and knock some of the shine off iPhone and we have a year which promises much in Walled Garden Wars or WGW as I think I’m going to call it.

Which side of the fence you sit on, if sit on the fence you do in this instance, is I imagine down to which approach you prefer.  Apple of course will control the value chain from end to end and charge a premium, Google has to partner with HTC in this case and use both devices to push ads. 

Happy New Year!

Lenovo X60 Tablet

Posted in laptop, Lenovo, Tablet, X60 by Tony C on May 1, 2007

Ever since I was at Lotus I’ve been a bit of a fan of Thinkpads so when the opportunity came to replace my ageing Toshiba M200 with a new machine the choice wasn’t that tough.  With IBM selling the Thinkpad business to Lenovo I was a little concerned that the quality wouldn’t be what it was but as I type this entry on my new X60 I really needn’t have worried.  It really is a cracking little laptop and with Vista Ultimate now installed it’s storming, so if you’re looking for small, well spec’ed for it’s size and superbly bolted together laptop then you can’t go wrong.