Spooks: end of term report

Posted in Spooks, TV by Tony C on November 9, 2010


Spooks has shown some legs as the ninth series comes to and end and a tenth being promised in 2011.  Utter hokum as it obviously is despite the producers regular attempts to prove otherwise, any drama about MI-5 is going to sail close to current events eventually, the lack of sentimentality for major characters and their regular culling has kept it fresh; only Harry Pearce and Ruth Evershed seeming able to dodge the regular barrage of bullets and random explosions. 

This series along with usual stuff about rogue states, assassins and the cold war that never ended, sees Lucas North ( he of the prison tattoos and chromatic flashbacks) as his past catches up and reminds him he’s not actually Lucas North.  As all this is going on the two new recruits Beth Bailey and Dimitri Levendis are rather side-lined after some cursory backstory fleshes them out but it’s soon heads down as Lucas sets off the four episode timer marked ‘self destruct’.  For a split second at the end I thought they might let Lucas escape into the tenth series but the end result was rather anticlimactic.  I’m not sure Harry will be out a job for long.