Spiderman 3

Posted in Movies, Spiderman by Tony C on May 26, 2007

Went to see the last installment of the Spiderman trilogy last night and came away thinking that there was a good movie in there, if only the editor’s red pen had been allowed to cut some the flab away from the overloaded script.  It’s not quite the mess that X-Men 3 was but suffers from the the same key problems.  As it is the third and final installment how do you tie up all the loose ends and cram in all the cool villains you missed in the first two movies?  Now because superhero three movie deals don’t begin with the end in mind it means number three has more weight placed upon it than normal plus the franchise has to go out with a bang.

It got off to a good start, lost it’s way in the middle and did finished well, apart from the tacked on two minute scene that has pre release audience feedback written all over it.  Better that the makers have the courage of their convictions and stop these pre screening, focus group nonsense.  The same thing gave Americans the Ford Edsel.  The flab is obvious and there are probably thirty minutes of pointless bits, you’ll know which ones as they really jar, which should have ended up on the cutting room floor if such a thing still existed.

That’s not to say Spiderman 3 isn’t a watchable movie , the CGI is top notch with the webbed wonder having real weight in his aerial antics.  Venom and the Sandman both make for interesting villains and Toby Maguire is still a genius piece of casting as Peter Parker.

After seeing this and hearing the not so good review of Pirates 3, I wonder if it’s worth the almost three hours it’ll take to sit through?