Careful on re-entry

Posted in genius, Japanese, paper, plane, space by Tony C on February 7, 2008

Only the mad bonkers Japanese scientists could come up with this, but it’s such a beautiful idea I think it should be given priority on the next Space Shuttle launch.  Take one small paper plane, take it up into space, chuck it out of an airlock and see what happens.  It’s sheer undiluted genius.

Rule your own Galaxy

Posted in astronomy,, space by Tony C on July 11, 2007

OK not quiet but you could be the first person to see a particular galaxy and classify it.  Astronomers at have kicked off a project to classify galaxies captured in a digital image taken by the impressive 142-mega pixel Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope in New Mexico.  Computers apparently are rubbish at pattern matching so good old human gray matter is required to classify them as either ‘spiral’ like ours or ‘elliptical’ like…someone elses’.  The distribution of galaxy types and numbers may give some clues into how the universe was formed and even change some of the current thinking on the matter.

Oh and don’t worry there are plenty of galaxies to go around so finders keepers!