Who is the Smartest?

Posted in smartphone by Tony C on January 6, 2010


OK it’s in dollars not pounds and as the Nexus One won’t be with us in the UK for a while it’s FYI only but it is a great side by side comparison of the current darlings of the Smartphone market.  Would have been nice to see the HTC HD2 listed as well.

Top notch stuff from BillShrink.

Rumours, half truths and hype

Posted in Apple, Google, smartphone, Tablet by Tony C on January 4, 2010

apple-tablet-big_01 With Apple remaining typically tight lipped it hasn’t stopped t’internet getting into a frenzy of speculation and Chinese whispers over the iSlate/iTablet/iHalfwaybetweenaniPhoneandaMacbook.  Cupertino course loves it but what ever the eventual product looks like it will either delight or disappoint depending on your view of Apple’s walled garden.  That is of course if it exists at all.  Richi Jennings does a great round up of current comment and speculation.

Googletablet Google too are believed are getting in on the ‘tablet’ act using an HTC device unsurprisingly running Google’s upcoming Chrome OS as they too attempt to create a walled garden.   The Google approach is an interesting one as it appears benign to the open source crowd but will operate a Google ‘approved’ approach like Apple.  At least I suppose Apple are up front about it what is and isn’t verboten…well sort of.  Throw in the wonderfully named Nexus One Smartphone from Google, again using on an HTC device, to try and knock some of the shine off iPhone and we have a year which promises much in Walled Garden Wars or WGW as I think I’m going to call it.

Which side of the fence you sit on, if sit on the fence you do in this instance, is I imagine down to which approach you prefer.  Apple of course will control the value chain from end to end and charge a premium, Google has to partner with HTC in this case and use both devices to push ads. 

Happy New Year!