I saw Seth Godin in London.

Posted in business, London, Seth Godin by Tony C on February 20, 2009

As someone who has seen a fair few business speakers over the years some stand out.  Charles Handy and Dave Snowden are two of my favourites and now I need to add another; Seth Godin…thanks to Steve Clayton who furnished me with a ticket.  It was a fairly high octane performance from Seth as by his own admission he squeezed seven hours of material into only one plus an impressive two hour Q&A.  There was as a result a lot to assimilate so here’s a list of what I remember or more accurately scribbled down in no particular order .  I hope at least some of it makes sense.

– Personality in large organisations is found at the fringes
– Large organisations feel they need to hit a home run every time but the world now doesn’t allow that to happen
– The future is about doing small things really well and growing from there
– Authenticity is all important
– The CD hid the fact the music industry was dying
– With less money about there is less noise
– We are in a new Industrial Revolution
– In organisations the middle is about the status quo
– For serious change you need to ignore the middle
– Ideas that spread win
– Marketing is normally about interrupting
– The TV Industrial Complex’s days are numbered
– Harrods in empty not because of the economy but because it’s boring
– We deal with clutter with more clutter
– When you get to the edge everything gets easier
– The Scion xB out sold the xA three to one
– We are all in the fashion business
– The internet doesn’t care about you
– The internet directly connects you to consumers
– The internet means individuals have more power
– The internet says ‘I want it now’
– Be internet friendly
– Remember the ‘Long tail’
– Everyone has their own channel
– Connect people
– It’s not about how many but who?
– Gatekeepers are less important than they’ve ever been
– Talk to people who want to listen
– Remember the ‘Seinfield Curve’, be scarce or ubiquitous
– People like people who like the things they like
– Only 1 in 50,000 heretics get burnt at the stake
– Find people who want to follow
– Always be clear and honest about what you do
– Seth doesn’t watch TV, go to meetings or Twitter?
– Tribes are people with the same mission
– Tribes will split when the mission is over and create new missions
– Marketing is not evil but there are evil marketers
– Most organisations aren’t as stuck as they think
– What story can you create that’s true and scarce?