Digital Switzerland?

Posted in Google, Net Neutrality, Verizon by Tony C on August 20, 2010

NetneutralityIf you take an interest in web based goings on then you’ve probably been following the often heated debate over the question of Net Neutrality; if you haven’t then please take this as an opportunity to start.  It turns out to be a more complex issue than you might imagine as those for and against don’t even seem, on occasion, to agree what they’re arguing about.  Wikipedia makes a fair stab at it however

At the centre of the argument is should Governments regulate and all that implies or should Corporates be able to freely do whatever they like and all that implies.  In other words who controls your choice.  What makes this even more interesting is that Google have waded into the debate and teamed up with Verizon to offer US legislators a few ideas, as you can imagine this has kicked off a fierce debate as to whether Google are in favour or not of net neutrality.  They claim they are, others disagree.  Although Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t make it clearer after claiming in a press conference that Google and Verizon have been talking “for a long time about trying to get an agreement on what the definition of Net neutrality is.  What we mean is that if you have one data type, like video, you don’t discriminate against one person’s video in favour of another. It’s ok to discriminate across different types…”   Let me see if I can put the lid back on that can of worms…no sorry I can’t.

Maybe in these circumstances we should always ask, “What does Tim think?”