Is Envy better when it’s larger?

Posted in HP, laptop by Tony C on May 10, 2010


No this really is an HP laptop.  It seems someone at HP has taken on board the idea that stuff needs to look good and you have to admit it does.  The early reviews of the 13 and 15 inch versions were mixed but the 2nd gen flavours seem to addressed these issues and now includes a whopping 17 inch version which hopefully will find it’s way to Blighty soon.  Yes please!

Lenovo X60 Tablet

Posted in laptop, Lenovo, Tablet, X60 by Tony C on May 1, 2007

Ever since I was at Lotus I’ve been a bit of a fan of Thinkpads so when the opportunity came to replace my ageing Toshiba M200 with a new machine the choice wasn’t that tough.  With IBM selling the Thinkpad business to Lenovo I was a little concerned that the quality wouldn’t be what it was but as I type this entry on my new X60 I really needn’t have worried.  It really is a cracking little laptop and with Vista Ultimate now installed it’s storming, so if you’re looking for small, well spec’ed for it’s size and superbly bolted together laptop then you can’t go wrong.