Izzy and Ajax on TV (maybe)

Posted in Ajax, extras, Izzy, TV by Tony C on June 15, 2007

Today Izzy and Ajax, along with Karen of course, spend the day at Teddington yacht club as extras for the upcoming ITV comedy ‘Cat Walk Dog’.  It stars Kris Marshall famous as Colin Frissell and the fella from the BT ads.

As is typical for extras they hung around all day and the shooting was over in thirty minutes.  It hasn’t gone to their heads but Ajax and Izzy did mention that the next time we want them to do something we should contact their agents. 

Izzy and Ajax go the the seaside

Posted in Ajax, beach, Izzy, Littlehampton, Vizsla by Tony C on May 26, 2007

Took the dogs to the West Beach at Littlehampton.  The weather was great and being Vizslas they love the water.   I dusted off my trusty Canon 300D because Izzy and Ajax move about so fast that often on a compact digi they just appear as ginger blurs.  Got some neat shots of them especially with water frozen as they splash about. 

Interestingly Littlehampton is going up in the world as the Heatherwick cafe on the East Beach opens soon.  It looks amazing.