Paramount say no to Blu-Ray

Posted in Blu-Ray, HD DVD, Paramount by Tony C on August 24, 2007

In an interesting development Paramount and Dreamworks have decided to throw their lot in with HD-DVD, rejecting Blue-Ray claiming “HD-DVD is…the affordable high quality choice for consumers”.

The vast majority of those consumers should pull up a chair and watch the fun…it’s going to get bloody.

Hi Def Porn?

Posted in Blu-Ray, HD DVD, Porn, Tech, Uncategorized by Tony C on January 20, 2007

Where would the internet be without porn?  Well probably still the reserve of academics and the US military as it happens…maybe, but it is true to say that all significant technology steps on the internet have been pioneered by the porn industry.  They were the first users of  secure credit card transactions over the web, so no porn no Amazon or eBay for example, they were the first with streaming video so hey no…you get the idea. 

Any hoo the tech consumer industry is waiting to see which way the pornsters will go regards hi definition DVD and it seems early indications favour HD DVD over Blu-Ray.  Up to a point.  HD DVD so far is cheaper to burn and not as fragile as Blu-Ray but the question remains if consumers believe breasts in HD are better or breasts are breasts no matter how highly defined they are.  Sony also seem to be resisting porn publishers moving to Blu-Ray as manufacturers are refusing calls from publishers to burn disks, although the Blu-Ray Association claim there is no anti-porn stance.  It is ironic that Sonys reticence to get in to bed (sorry couldn’t resist) could be the undoing of Blu-Ray and they have short memories if they don’t remember a similar situation occured with Betamax.

And how do you tell people in a few years time that the reason they’re chosen a particular hi def DVD player is because porn industry decided that’s what they should have.