Happy Birthday Ajax

Posted in birthday, dog, Vizsla by Tony C on January 5, 2011


Ajax the Hungarian Vizsla is four today.  Happy birthday fella!


The CD is 25 years old today

Posted in birthday, CD, Philips by Tony C on August 17, 2007

Twenty five years ago today the first CDs were pressed at the Philips factory outside Hannover and unknowingly signaled the end of vinyl and cassette tape.  I remember seeing and hearing CD for the first time and viewed it with the same jaw dropping amazement that happened when first I clapped eyes on a VHS player.  Interestingly they were both made by Philips.

CD however is probably into it’s sixth or maybe fifth age now as digital download make inroads into the music market, but don’t write off the shiny disk just yet as the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry estimate digital sales will still only account for a quarter of all sales by end of the decade.  Part of this is probably due to the music industries continued antediluvian view of digital downloads and the internet generally.

However I shall raise a glass of something grape based this evening and say, “Happy birthday CD”.