Doctor Who. End of term report.

Posted in Doctor Who by Tony C on June 27, 2010

Doctor Who

With the change from Russell TD to Steve Moffat and Tennant to Smith at Tardis Towers it’s more than just the personnel who are different; Moffat, Smith and Co have also overseen a distinct change in style and tone too.  I was probably one of many who thought casting Matt Smith as the world’s favourite Time Lord might turn it into Doctor Who Jr but I’m happy to admit I was wrong, in fact he’s managed to make the character seem all of his 900 plus years and creates a Doctor that is an intriguing mix of benign and sinister at the same time.  The writing though has been the series strong point, the stand out episode being ‘Vincent and the Doctor’, although anything with River Song in it has been worth watching too. 

There’s has been however been a couple of things that have made no sense.  One was the Dalek redesign which saw the most feared race in the universe turned into over sized Ikea pedal bins and the other was a finale which became so convoluted  the only way out was the obvious ‘I’ll-travel-forward-in-time-to-help-me-remember-what-to-do’ cliché seen a couple of hundred times before. 

Overall a great start for the Eleventh Doctor and Ikea does give refunds.


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