Music in Dreamland?

Posted in Google, Music by Tony C on June 4, 2010

music_logo-gif-gif-image-180x40-pixels The battle for the hearts and minds continues as Google wants into the digital music arena, primarily to take a chunk out of iTunes dominance but also add a key component to their Android strategy and should it ever see the light of day the much vaunted Google Tablet.  Two things spring to mind.  How much work have Google had to do to bring the music publishing industry to the table?  Historically Google and the traditional media publishers haven’t gotten on.  And how much of this is just another way to collect even more data about your preferences, tastes and listening habits and create better targeted ads?

If anyone is listening a couple of things I’d like to see.  A real alternative to iTunes as a platform for podcasts, if my experience is anything to go by over 90% of podcast downloads are from iTunes.  No arbitrary limit on the number of machines authorised to download content.  Apple.  Why only five?  OK I reset the counter every six months but why?

Or it could be like the two hundred odd other projects they’ve ‘launched’ only for it never to get out of beta and then quietly forgotten.

Cap doff to TechCrunch.

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