Where did it all go wrong George?

Posted in football, money by Tony C on January 24, 2010

chelsea1970v2Often people assume I don’t like football because I don’t support one particular team.  I did once and it was the bunch pictured above but by the time the eighties was over and the formation of the Premiership in 1992 we’d drifted apart. 

However I’ve remained endlessly fascinated by football . 

Of course today it’s less a sport and more a business and I’ve always wondered how long it would be before fans began to realise supporting teams in the Premiership is akin to having the same affection for any of the companies listed on the FTSE 100.  OK football is different for a whole host of reasons, for one the economics of the game seem to have landed here from a different planet and there’s a reality distortion field that surrounds clubs Steve Jobs himself would be proud of.  But take the current mess over at Manchester United or Portsmouth or just about anywhere else for that matter, as no team is immune, and you’d be forgiven for thinking as an outside observer that football is about collapse in the same way the banks did recently.  However the Martian economics that underpins the sport is probably the reason why so many teams are shielded from the harsh reality facing any other earth based business, where else could you pay individual staff members tens of thousands of pounds a week in wages, be seven hundred million in the red and not call in the Receiver or Government for a bail out?  At some point though it will break and a big name will go to the wall, there are only so many rich industrialists, sheiks or oligarchs knocking about after all.  The question then of course is who will it be and when?

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