Is five close enough?

Posted in Google, trademark by Tony C on January 7, 2010


Coming up with catchy product names is always tough especially when you’re guaranteed a ton of column inches.  Looks like Google have upset the estate of Philip K Dick by using the name Nexus One which they feel is a bit too close to Nexus-6 for comfort.  Nexus-6 if you remember is the name of replicants in both the movie Bladerunner and the novel it’s based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Whether the claim that five is close enough for people to assume that somehow there is a connection between Dick’s seminal work and Google’s new Smartphone is something lawyers will undoubtedly argue over for sometime.  But there is of course the Argentinean electro/industrial band Nexus-6 who I assume do want their fans to see the connection.


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