Pandemics can be fun

Posted in board game by Tony C on March 1, 2009

Pandemic_cover I think I might have already confessed before that I’m a fan of board games.  Now if you think that just means games like Cludeo and Monopoly you’d be wrong, a quick look at BoardGameGeek proves that and they also scratch the gaming itch in a way button mashing can’t.  Being an aficionado of Z-Man Games’ rather brilliant Shadowfist, if only it wasn’t a CCG, I recently picked up a copy of Pandemic one of a growing number of co-operative games like Shadows Over Camelot and Lord of the Rings where the challenge is to beat the game not each other.

The premise is you’ll not be surprised to found out is about saving the world from deadly diseases, four of them in fact, by finding cures before there are too many ‘outbreaks’.  Not overly complex or bogged down with an encyclopaedic rulebook it’s a seemingly straightforward game that is in fact crammed with subtlety and tons of choices.

Recommended.  But don’t just take my word for it.

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