Aren’t the odd numbered ones always rubbish?

Posted in movie, Star Trek by Tony C on November 18, 2008

OK I need to confess.  I understand it’s good for the soul.  I’m a bit of a ‘fanboy’ when it comes to the original series of Star Trek.  Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the crew are all TV heroes of mine and of course NCC 1701 too.  ‘Next Generation’ got into it’s stride eventually but by and large everything has been a gentle downwards spiral since then, the last series ‘Enterprise’ was particularly poor.  The movies to have been a mixed bunch, mainly in the ‘not good’ category with ‘Khan’ probably being the pick as far the better ones are concerned.

So a remake or ‘re-imagining’ as Hollywood likes to pretentiously call them of the original series in movie form ought to be a good thing…right?  My initial Pavlovian response was “&%$£ yeah!” but my Trekkie heart sank when it turned out to be JJ Abrams is in charge.  Lost.  Who cares now?  Mission Impossible III.  Oh please.  Cloverfield.  Yawn.  And even in the new trailer I see this isn’t going to be the Star Trek movie that I hoped would banish the memory of the mediocrity that has gone before. 

In any ‘re-imagining’ you have to stay true at last in part to the source material, in particular the characterisations.  Kirk still has to ‘Kirk’, Spock still has to be ‘Spock’.  You can’t bugger about with these archetypes  as they are what makes Star Trek…Star Trek.  Miss that point and you’ve no business anywhere near a movie like this but already Chris Pine, who plays the young Kirk, said he wants to bring some Harrison Ford style humour to the part.  This artistic sodding about does not bode well.

Come to think of it whenever has a remake of a classic TV show or movie ever been a patch on the original? I can only think of one.

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