Top 20 Brands

Posted in brands, marketing by Tony C on October 12, 2008

You’d be forgiven on occasion for thinking we are a nation obsessed with lists, Top 100 this and Best Whatever that, many are pointless but some are an insight into how we at one specific moment view the world around us and ourselves.   The Observer this week has a whole section dedicated to the ‘Cool Brands of 2008’ using as a start point the annual CoolBrands survey, which collates it’s results from a mixture of ‘brand experts’ and Joe Q Public.  I scratched my new beard at the idea of ‘experts’ picking a list especially when you see  how it compares it the one the public would chose, a object lesson in the subjectivity of such lists I guess.  The ‘experts’ included Tate Modern and The Soho House Group whereas the public ignored them and picked Nintendo and YouTube instead.  To me that speaks volumes. 

Maybe though all this analysis is pointless, after all isn’t what makes a brand successful something we can’t bottle up and give to others…your brand is either in vogue or it isn’t.  You can spend millions, as many have, trying to turn a brand into something special only to see it ignored, that’s not to say you can’t improve it’s perception, maybe even get on some top 20 cool list, however be prepared for the way it happens to be different to how you expect.

Oh and here’s the list:

01. Aston Martin.
02. iPhone.
03. Apple.
04. Bang & Olufsen.
05. YouTube.
06. Google.
07. Nintendo.
08. Agent Provocateur.
09. Rolex.
10. Tate Modern.
11. Dom Perignon.
12. Virgin Atlantic.
13. Ferrari.
14. Ducati.
15. PlayStation.
16. Sony. 
17. Nike. 
18. Bose.
19. Facebook.
20. Lamborghini.

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