Mobile Bluetooth headset perfection?

Posted in Tech by Tony C on October 2, 2008

Maybe it’s because I have an odd concha or more accurately the combined shape of my cymba conchæ and cavum conchæ aren’t the same as everyone elses I have a collection of used Mobile Bluetooth headsets; no matter how hard I try I just don’t seem to able to get any of them to fit properly.  My friends at Plantronics however have recently given me a Discovery 925 and I think the quest maybe at an end and like all great solutions it’s simple, not to say rather neat.  Rather than have a loop over the Auricula or Pinna, or try to create some kind of shaped insert for the External Acoustic/Auditory Meatus, the earpiece as a small handle which holds the device in place in the concha and it works a treat.  Pick the right sized one and you’d hardly know what’s sat in your ear.  The small carry case also doubles as a portable charging unit as it contains a rechargeable battery for when mains or USB power is unavailable; there is even a gold version for the more ‘bling’ orientated.

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