Bleak Expectations

Posted in comedy, radio by Tony C on September 5, 2008


The sitcom follows the remarkable adventures of young Sir Philip ‘Pip’ Bin as he struggles to rescue himself and his sisters from the schemes of his evil and badly-named guardian Mr Gently Benevolent, and the blood-curdling Hardthrasher family.
Volume 2 of the comic Victorian epic tells of the further extraordinary adventures of Pip Bin and his trusty friend Harry Biscuit as they battle against the evil Mr Gently Benevolent, returned from the dead specifically to destroy all that is good and pure and true. Wince at the cruel vengeance of the Sternbeater cousins! Weep at the squalor of the opium den! Wonder at the engineering of the world’s first beef and pastry railway!

A surreal and funny pastiche of all things Dickens, this is Radio 4 comedy at it’s very best.  Even better Series Two is current being broadcast, the last episode is next week, and Series One is easy to get from the usual places.

‘Tis genius I say.

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