He’s red, from hell, smokes cigars and loves cats…

Posted in movie by Tony C on September 3, 2008

Successful second albums, second books and also second movies are always problematic.  How do you recapture the excitement and momentum after the first outing, especially in a marketplace that consumes ‘the new ‘and moves on at such a pace that you’d be forgiven for thinking all forms of media rarely last longer than it takes to change channel or click on a link?  Having a word with Guillermo del Toro might be a good place to start as Hellboy II: The Golden Army is proof positive he knows how to keep a good thing going.  Not quite ‘dark’ as the first movie, how they got a Barry Manilow song in there I’ll never know, it follows but is not dependant on the original.  I only have one minor gripe, well I wouldn’t even call it that, maybe more of an observation.  In the original  film Abe Sapien is voiced by David Hyde Pierce although he didn’t take a credit, in this Doug Jones who plays Abe has the speaking part too and as a result the character loses some that aloof detachment that made him, for me anyway, so likable.

The weather this summer might have disappointed but at least some of the summer blockbusters haven’t.

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