Good Bye Beijing and Hello London

Posted in 2012, Beijing, London, Olympics by Tony C on August 26, 2008

By any measure the 29th Olympiad has been a hugely successful event, brilliantly organised and executed with the precision of a Swiss…no hang on…a Chinese made watch.  If China wanted to impress; it worked.  The question then for London it seems is how does it follow Beijing?  That was if you recall a common question to pundits and commentators.  The Beijing Olympics was a unique event with a purpose far beyond what a games is normally expected to achieve so as a model for ‘how-to-do-the-Olympics’ it’s not a good example, the Chinese were always going to outspend and out organise everyone else and as we don’t the resources or the reason to match them we need to take a different approach.  Athens or Sydney are probably better examples as the kind of games people should expect from London but I believe with the right approach London 2012 could in it’s own way be as unique as Beijing was.  London is now one of the most culturally diverse places in the world and could probably justify the title of ‘Capital of the World’.  There you go Lord Coe is your theme for 2012…

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