pptPlex is very cool

Posted in cool tools, PowerPoint, pptPlex, presentations by Tony C on August 17, 2008

Fellow ‘Softy and good buddy Steve Clayton has already mentioned it but as with all good things if it’s worth saying once it’s worth saying a second, third and maybe forth time. 


pptPlex is very, very cool and a rather superb add on for PowerPoint.

It is of course very trendy at present to have a pop at tools like PowerPoint and their ilk, I for one have lost the will to live on more than a few occasions as slide after seemingly endless slide has been paraded before my screaming eyeballs as some misguided individual has used PowerPoint, and in the past Freelance (RIP), as a word for word script for their presentation.  When someone uses the term ‘Death by PowerPoint’ I have often wondered whose demise they might be talking about?  However to blame the tool is rather like blaming cars for motor accidents or as Goldie Looking Chain once said far more succinctly that I ever could, “Guns don’t kill people, Rappers do!”  But I digress.  If used properly PowerPoint is an extremely useful and dare I say it creative way of getting your message across, but after playing with pptPlex for a bit the old gray matter is humming with ideas for breathing new life into a few of my Powerpoint presentations.

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  1. Rich said, on September 2, 2008 at 11:39 am

    I’m a sucker for downloading new shiny things off the intertubes..things that will make things better, faster, more exciting..and most of the time I use them twice and consign the exe to the “random” section of My Documents..but not Plex.
    Plex has made my internal training ppt’s much more interesting and people are much more interested in the content’s great and should be downloaded and used by all!!

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