Reaper: End of term report

Posted in Reaper, review, TV by Tony C on June 6, 2008

It started out with both me and Mrs C thinking maybe it wouldn’t have legs but the first series of Reaper is over and it’s proven to be a cracker.  If you’ve not seen it I won’t give too much away so when the DVD’s surface borrow, rent or purchase ’em.  The main plot follows Sam whose parents have sold his soul to the devil in return for saving the father from a fatal illness, ‘Ol Nick then uses Sam as a sort of Bounty Hunter whose job is return escaped souls back to hell whilst he tries to keep job at the local DIY centre.  If they had stuck to this template as a weekly formula it would run out of puff pretty quickly but they’ve fleshed out the back story and given Sam has some brilliant support from ‘Sock’ and Ben…oh and Ray Wise does a quite genius turn as the Dark Lord himself, all perma-tan and gleaming white smile.  Plus a ton of other stuff that would as I mentioned just give the game away.  A funny, sharply written, doesn’t have a huge special effects budget but it doesn’t matter gem of a series. 

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