The Ironman cometh

Posted in Ironman, movie, review by Tony C on May 10, 2008

The latest of Marvel’s supers to get an outing Ironman does a great job of taking the original material and ‘modding’ in light of modern events.  Gone are the Chinese Communists who capture industrialist Tony Stark replaced by Afghan Terrorists, and if you know the back story to Ironman there’s plenty here, even down to the final battle with Obadiah Stane.  They even throw a bit of life imitating art, or might be the other way around, as both Tony Stark the character and Robert Downey Jr the actor have had alcohol problems.  And of course Stan Lee gets a cameo doing a respectable impersonation of Hugh Hefner.  

I heard a few people say if the best superhero movie they’ve seen, and the reviews seem to suggest that, but when I asked Mrs C what she thought she replied that whilst is was a fine example of the genre it was a bit ‘lumpy’…and I tend to agree.  In a few places it seems to slow down unnecessarily and maybe the odd nip and tuck in the editing suite could have smoothed those ‘lumps’ out.  Don’t get me wrong as superhero films go it’s a cracker, the flying sequences are wonderful, but I never really connected with Ironman in the same way I did with say Spiderman and the every so slightly superior XMen.  There I said it…XMen is the best superhero movie ever made. 

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