The Tyranny of Stats

Posted in blogging, Podcasting, statistics by Tony C on January 29, 2008

The danger if you podcast is that you become even more obsessed about stats than you do if you blog.  Someone clicking on a blog is as easy as passing over any other web page and is no indication that someone has read and digested your pithy insight.  Podcasting is different, it potentially requires more from it’s creator and certainly does from those who download and  listen, so in theory at least the stats should be more meaningful.  But as many podcasts are automatically downloaded by iTunes or one of innumerable RSS clients who knows if your wonderfully crafted creation is given the ‘ear time’ it deserves. 

The point though as Seth Godin points out that bloggers and by association podcasters are on a perpetual hunt for fickle Internet denizens who  have so much material throw at them that a better idea is to focus on the smaller group of regular and loyal listeners/readers.  As he says the chance of success are far greater, so don’t tell everyone you get 1,ooo,ooo downloads or page loads a month as that is pretty  meaningless, what’s far more interesting is the people who via feedback, email and IM you have a conversation with.

Another reason why “The Tyranny of Numbers” by David Boyle should be required reading.

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