Don’t piss off Gamers

Posted in EA, Fox News, Gaming by Tony C on January 25, 2008

We all know that there is a section of the journalist community where ‘research’ is considered a dirty word, nothing matters as long as you have a opinion and the gaming industry has been on the receiving end of this on more than one occasion.  So a piece on Fox News where author and psychologist Cooper Lawrence (no I’d never heard of her either) wades into a video game she has never played to condemn explicit graphical digital nudity which the game does not actually contain, has caused the great unwashed mass of gamers to look up from their controllers and cry foul.  Her latest book on Amazon has been the target where the rating system has been hijacked to ensure it doesn’t garner more than a one star rating, oh sweet irony as I guess these fifty odd reviewers didn’t actually read her book either.  EA have also asked Fox to “set the record straight on a number of errors and misstatements”.

It’s refreshing to see the gaming industry and it’s users not just sit there and take it on the chin yet again and maybe, although pretty unlikely, certain pundits, journalists and news outlets might actually take the time to learn a little more about games and the gaming industry before blaming it for the destruction of civilisation.

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