Is there no truth in beauty?

Posted in Apple, Macbook by Tony C on January 17, 2008

  Apple prove once again that when it comes to form they pretty much are the gold standard and the new ultra thin, and I do mean thin, Macbook Air is the latest ‘object of desire’.  It’ll sell on looks alone.  But like Kate Moss all that thinness comes at a price and I don’t just mean the hole it’ll leave in your credit card, to make it anywhere near useful to most mortals you’ll need a carry a rucksack full of addons.  CD Drive, USB Hub, SD/Flash card reader and if you’re a hoarder an external hardisk, Apple do offer a 64Gb Solid State Drive but at over £600 all but the most devote, not to say flush, Apple fanboys and girls will bother.  Prices start at about the £1200 mark so add a fair chunk to that to get an Air you’d be happy with….with the SDD it’s an eye watering £2020…give or take.

So who is this the Air aimed at?  I don’t think it’s the PC World brigade as Windows laptops can be had for a fraction of the price…OK they aren’t as sexy, there’s an understatement, but they are as functional.  I suspect that this will have a bigger impact of those considering a Macbook or at the price a Macbook Pro and that seems a little self defeating as these people were going to buy a Macbook anyway.

Ah sod it…if I had the money I’d have one. 

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