Normal service resumed?

Posted in podcast, twitter by Tony C on January 14, 2008

Apologies for not updating in a while but I’ve been off experimenting with podcasting and recently people have been asking what’s the situation with the blog.  Well I think it’s been long enough and I’m going to start posting again some of which, well a lot of it probably, will be about podcasting, but not all and my less than laser sharp opinion on all things will be switched on again. 

For example I hadn’t seen the latest James Bond film until a few days ago after taking advantage of a free loveFilm voucher.  It’s brilliant and in this post Jason Bourne world is at long last the direction Bond movies should move in, Die Another Day was a bit pants in comparison…OK a lot pants!

After resisting for what seems like ages, because I didn’t see the point…and I still not sure I do, I’ve joined Twitter and of course I’m bored to tears with Facebook.  Find me at

Oh yeah the Podcast.  It can be found on iTunes, just search for “Binge Thinking” or at or for the RSS types amongst you   I’ve now published four episodes about the history of the US Constitution and number five, hopefully out in the next week, is the first of a two parter about the Battle of Britain.

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