What next for José?

Posted in Chelsea, football, Mourinho by Tony C on September 23, 2007

Whilst the papers pick over the reasons for Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea it’s probably more interesting to speculate where he’ll turn up next.  And I have a theory of my own!  But before I do the problem that the board at Chelsea forgot, as one sports writer comments, is that the most important person at a football club is the Manager, not the over paid star players or the questionable foreign investors.  And Mourinho, whether you’re a Chelsea fan or not, has a track record few can match so Chelsea pushing him out is I predict a mistake they’ll soon learn to regret.

So where will he turn up next?  Well undoubtedly his Samsung mobile phone hasn’t stopped ringing with offers but I reckon he’ll take a hiatus until next season, then when Wenger moves from Arsenal which has been on the cards for a while Mourinho only have a slightly longer commute to the Emirates Stadium.

Or maybe someone should have a phone vote.

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  1. Darren said, on September 24, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    “Mourinho … has a track record few can match”. Hmmm… okay, he did well with Porto, a team that he really turned around. However, next stop Chelsea. With the amount of money spent on cherry-picking the best talent from Europe and Africa it would have been quite a feat to not pick up a trophy or two.

    To be really tested as a manager he could be put in charge of Derby or Spurs. If he could keep Derby up, or get the Spuds into the top four, when I’d concede that he’s a great manager.

    That said, he’s completely barmy, suave, interesting, and unpredictable. So the Premiership is certainly a poorer place without him.

    By the way, Wenger just signed a new contact and Le Gooners are top of the pile with an exciting young squad. Can’t see him being in a big hurry to leave.

  2. Darren said, on September 24, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    “Can’t see him being in a big hurry to leave” – I hope I don’t eat those words after the Ruskis roll into town.

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