Facebook – can it last?

Posted in bubble, Facebook, Web 2.0 by Tony C on July 15, 2007

If the Web if anything is fickle, one day you’re the talk of the metaphorical town the next you get fewer few hits than this humble blog.  If you saw my stats you’d understand!  Facebook is without doubt the current darling of the web, the figures tell a far better story than I ever could and of course the web cognoscenti can’t stop typing about it.  Even I use it.

The Web is however littered with virtual road kill of those you thought they’d not only understood the WWW and those who hang out there.  Now I’m not saying that the Facebook bubble will burst anytime soon, in Internet ‘time’ anyway, but I suspect in twelve months time those of use you continue to push the Web 2.0 Kool Aid to one side might be thinking , “I used to use Facebook once.”

Then again I could be as wrong as wrong can be!

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