We have a new Prime Minister…

Posted in Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, Tony Blair by Tony C on June 28, 2007

…but no one voted for him.  Not you, not me and most of all no one in his own party voted for him either.  It doesn’t sound much like democracy does it?  Surely I’m not the only one thinking this is a bit odd?  When an MP resigns for whatever reason his constituency get a by-election, although not if you change sides it seems, so why not when the really important job of Prime Minister becomes vacant? 

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  1. Ports said, on June 28, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    Now Tony! This is very unlike you. Have you been reading the Daily Mail again? Brown was elected leader of the Lobour party by dint of recieving nominations from 313 out of 353 of the sitting MP’s. That is a collossal mandate for him to lead the party – in fact so collossal that no one else could gain enough nominations to stand against him.

    The Queen then asked him, as leader of the largest party, to become PM. Don’t forget that we are a Monachy and not a Presidency. The Torys are pleading for an election even though there is no precident or consitutional reason because it is about the only chance they have of sneaking Cameron past the public before they realise that he is a typical right wing old school tory who is playing at being green and centerist.

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