Hallam Foe

Posted in Hallam Foe, movie by Tony C on June 15, 2007

Last night I was kindly invited by Steve and Hugh to a special blogger prescreening of David McKenzie’s new movie Hallam Foe.  It stars Jamie Bell as a teenager who has a few ‘issues’ after his mother dies.  A dark and and sometimes uncomfortable movie you never quite get a handle on Hallam as you dislike, pity and admire him sometimes all at the same time.  This is in part to a very tight script but largely due to Bell’s tremendous acting skills, the other actors also deliver top notch performances.  A complex and fascinating movie but sadly not on general release until the 31st of August.

So from the left.  Steve Clayton, yours truly, Ben Tamblyn and Hugh MacLeod.


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  1. […] Hugh kindly invited a load of really creative and arty people and some Microsoftees including Tony, who managed to get very uncomfortable about some of the themes raised in the film, as […]

  2. Darren said, on June 15, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    What an incredibly ‘luvvie’ entry ;o)

    That picture reminded me of one I cooked up several years ago of the Lotus Technology Advocate team (don’t forget your roots Woodster). Me, you, Choddo, Thommo, Ted, Mickey H, and for good measure we pasted that German internet minger on the end – all in fabulous monochrome. I’ll see if I can dig it out of the archives.

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