DIY blues…

Posted in DIY, Gits by Tony C on May 22, 2007

The house I live in was built in 1896, it’s got bags of character, an interesting history and has suffered from many years of bodged DIY.  The previous owners but one are the key guilty parties who’s hamfisted attempts to update the house would shame the most inept monkey with a paintbrush and a screw driver.

Take the spotlights now properly installed as you can see below.  The originals were white, faded and in many cases glued in with plaster as they hadn’t been fitted correctly. 

I naively thought it would simply be a case of pulling out the old ones, rewiring and fitting the shiny new chrome models.  Stupid me.  When I took the old ones out due to the clumsy gluing lots of ceiling and plaster came with them, leaving holes in one case the size of a football.

Once the swearing had stopped…say after about an hour I had to work out how to fix the new ones and patch the ceiling.  The general patching was pretty straightforward but I wasn’t confident that I could cut a reliable new hole for the spot in the plaster patch.  But I tried something I’d done on another standard light fitting by cutting an MDF ring with a 100mm and 80mm Holesaw and filled in the plaster around it.  This then gave me somewhere solid to attach spring clips too.  As you can see from the picture it worked a treat.

Now to fit some new skirting.  Wish me luck.

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