Telecaster DIY

Posted in DIY, Guitar, Telecaster by Tony C on March 31, 2007

I’ve always preferred the Fender Telecaster over the more obvious Stratocaster, it’s nothing technical, musical or rational.  The only problem is choosing one as there are now hundreds of different types, reissues, copies and custom shop variants so rather than have to find one that fits the bill I thought why not build one, not from scratch but from second hand and maybe some new parts.

So far I have a ’92 Squier Silver Series rosewood neck ironically from a Stratocaster but no matter as Strat necks attached to Tele bodies is not uncommon, the Silver Series Squiers where relabled Fender parts from the now defunct Japanese factory and the quality is superb.  It also came with a set of Ping Tuners, yep I didn’t know the golf guys made bits for guitars but apparently they do.  The body as far I can tell is a copy from a Telecaster of unknown origin and finished in an almost radioactive metallic green and looks great with the neck, the fit is spot on too and I don’t think I’ll have to trim the neck slot or use shims.  A tortoiseshell pickguard will look very cool against the green.

Nice fit...

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