Congestion Ken

Posted in Congestion Zone, Ken Livingston by Tony C on February 19, 2007

When will it end?!Now that the Congestion Charge has been extended in West London, interestingly during half term so it doesn’t look too chaotic and giving the media a week to get bored reporting the new CCZ, I was wondering why didn’t they expand the zone equally in all directions?  Technically it wouldn’t have been too difficult although the boundary zone would have been exponentally larger than it is now.  So if we discount the technical issues then you can only conclude that it’s policital, after all it’s not as if extending the zone into the part of London they have is going to loose Ken or New Labour any friends or votes as it’s pretty much Conservative blue.  Plus it’s the home of the ‘Chelsea Tractor’ his bete noir and obession and if he can soak them for a few quid he will. 

Maybe next time and there will be a next time, the Major of London will be brave enough to extend the zone into areas which are just as congested but where he’ll be in the position of losing a votes over it.


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