Reasoned debate…yeah right!

Posted in Apple, Vista by Tony C on February 16, 2007

Fight, fightWith Vista now released and OSX ‘Leopard’ in the Apple pipe the usual background hum of OSX vs Windows Internet debate is beginning to climb a few decibels, debate is actually stretching things a bit because if you’re looking for reasoned and considered discourse this is furthest point from there as you’re likely to get in IT.  As a small example take a look at Graceful Flavor; Jeff Ventura posts a piece about another blogger Paul Thurrott commenting that Vista will ship as many copies in one month than ‘Leopard’ will do in a year.  Paul’s piece can be either be seen as stating the bleedin’ obvious or as a deliberate attempt to flame bait the Apple faithful, but regardless of intent the end result is pretty predictable with the Cupertino Zealots pouring the kind of vitriol on Paul normally reserved for murders and S-Club Seven fans. Jeff I’m sure knew this would happen as whether he intended to or not he is one of the rallying points for Apple users spoiling to kick anyone who says anything positive about Microsoft or negative about Apple.

Now I’m not trying to defend Paul or Microsoft for that matter, I’m sure Paul can take care of himself and Microsoft certainly can but it gets me wondering if we can ever get to position where there is a sensible discourse about the relative merits of Vista and OSX.  Some at least are trying so despite the provocative moniker of PCMacSmackdown the two sides at least keep it friendly and for my money is currently the best on going discussion about PCs and Macs.

As a endnote I should say that I work for Microsoft and I like Apple products.

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