Is it ‘Bootiful’?

Posted in Bird Flu, Food by Tony C on February 12, 2007

It was me Gov....honest!With the usual middle market tabloids running around like headless chickens over Bird Flu again, Govenment Agencies trying to cover their collective backsides and both looking for someone to point the Blamethrower at…looks like the Hungarians at the moment the real story here is I think is a little different.  It seems that as usual everyone is looking at the symptoms rather than the cause of this outbreak and they seem to have looking in the wrong direction for those too. 

Wild birds don’t appear to the vector in this instance and probably weren’t the last time either; the problem is the way we intensively farm animals and transport them around before and after they have been processed.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not some bleeding heart liberal veggie muncher who wants to free every animal bred for food in the UK, I just think we ought to be a bit more conscientious, considerate and respectful to these animals if we’re going to eat them.  Raising them on huge factory farms as if they are simply a meat commodity to be processed, reshaped and shrink wrapped is too invite the kind of problems we’ve seen in the past week.

If nothing else it should get a few more of us thinking about not only where our food comes from, turkeys raised and processed in another country should not be allowed to foisted on us as British just because it was covered in breadcrumbs and packaged here, but also how it was raised and how it was turned into the neatly plastic covered foodstuff you see in front of you.


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