Boss Micro BR: It’s rather good

Posted in Boss, Guitar, Guitar Effects, Micro BR, Tech by Tony C on February 1, 2007

It's small and packed with goodnessRecently I sold both my Boss GT-8 and DB-90 as both were overkill for my humble needs, don’t get me wrong they were stomping bits of kit but the £ per feature used they were at the wrong end of scale.  The Micro BR caught my eye at the end of last year and seemed to have everything I need as a fledgling guitar player with a gadget habit; effects, rhythms, tuner, metronome, phase trainer and an MP3 player all in a box a little bigger than an iPod and the same size as a Zune.  Oh and it also happens to be a 4 Track studio as well. 

It is quite brilliant and, hurrah, Boss have managed to include a manual that’s useful.  Anyone who has ever purchased Boss kit before will know have awful the manuals are, the one for the GT-8 is a particular stinker and you’re better off using it as a backup for Andrex.  The one for the Micro BR has a handy tutorial and actually seems to be written by someone who’s used one.

I’d have liked WMA support and when recording to the BR somekind of common format used like MP3 or WMA but hopefully this can be remeded in a firmware upgrade as the on board USB socket allows PC connectivity.  The only other downside is the thirst for batteries and I’d go for a mains adaptor which will pay for itself in AAs pretty quickly.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Tim Cole said, on April 17, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    Good point on the WMA support. It is a cool little unit, and agree about the manual. I would also like to see being able to use other MIDI drum patterns. Roll on a firmware update!

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