King Too Long Kong

Posted in Movies by Tony C on January 17, 2007

Way too long!Me and Mrs C were probably the only two people not to have seen Peter Jackson’s King Kong either at the cinema or on rental.  With Mrs C taking out a sub with LoveFilm that has now been rectified and I ejected it from the drive last night a little disappointed despite the glowing reviews.  Firstly it’s over long, a hang over from Lord of the Rings maybe, but even in the comfort of my own home I was getting the fidgets and I can think of two or three set pieces that should have ended up on the cutting room floor.  The pointless Brontosaurus (or should that be Aptosaurus) stampede and the giant insect attack, even the Tyrannosaurus sequence could have done without the daft bit with the vines.

Don’t get me wrong there is a great movie in there it just needed to lose a bit of weight.  It’s a bit like me in that respect.

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